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The media training professionals.

What We Do

Our sole purpose is to transform business executives into industry-leading communicators.

Through proven high-value strategies and candid coaching CEOs, MDs, and business experts discover the shifts in mindset necessary to speak with clarity and authority.

We are proud and humbled to work as a Trusted Partner with a vast number of MDs, Directors of Communication, HR Directors and PR Managers. That is a testament to our philosophy of getting results the first time and every time.

Our rich heritage and the depth of our expertise is evident through our work for corporations like  Virgin TrainsVinci ConstructionVeolia EnvironmentalAtkins UKArla FoodsSyngenta and more.

Leaders come to us to become confident and at ease speaking on TV/Radio or social media (media communication), or how to speak with authority and compassion ( crisis communication), and how to use words to influence and persuade people ( business presentations).

How We Got Here

Vision, Passion and Inspiration

Forty years ago an angry young man had a vision. He was sick and tired seeing business leaders crumpled and squashed on TV and Radio. John Brand, a former newsreader and actor, took decisive action – and in 1976 TRT began.

John’s passion was to give business leaders the tools and strategies to tell their story of why and how business is a force for good in society.

John’s philosophy remains in place today – “get results the first time and every time.”

John’s legacy of giving business leaders insights to win in the media, and unleash their voice to build trust in the marketplace is at the heart of our business today.

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Working with The Media Training People

Having reliable, robust communicators on your senior management team;


Discovering how to handle journalists’ questions and always stay on topic;

Growing from stuttering and worrying to conveying laser focused messages that protect your professional image.

Our step-by-step learning process is inspired by real-world experience and guarantees great results.

How we got here

Our Story In A Nutshell

John Brand, the former news presenter, and actor, founded TRT back in 1976. John discovered local business leaders, politicians of the day and VIPs had no idea how to use the media attention to their advantage and this company was his response to their needs.

In his lifetime, TV and Radio Techniques earned the title Britain’s Best Media Training Company.

Even though John passed away ten years ago, his legacy lives on in our guiding philosophy – we get results, every time the first time.

 My name is Alford Grant and I am owner and director of Television and Radio Techniques. I have 20 years of experience training executives, 15 years of experience in reporting and presenting for the BBC and a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Work With Us

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How we can work together

To take advantage of entirely free information on how to handle the media and be a great public speaker, you can check out our website’s Resources section.

If you have an important interview or presentation coming up and you need support, contact us on 0114 287 3170. Or you can send an email to susan@t-r-t.co.uk

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, contact us to arrange a free telephone consultation. Once we know more about your needs and desires we will send you an offer in writing.

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