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Every business presentation is a gilt-edged opportunity to influence the thinking of an audience. It’s a chance to inspire people to say YES to your ideas. And it’s an opportunity to bring your brand story alive.

Whether you’re speaking at a top leaders’ strategy conference or unveiling future strategy to investors, presenting is a skill that needs honing.

Be A Better Speaker Today!

To be a better speaker requires a powerful message that grabs people’s minds. Talk to us to find out how the Temple of Business Presentation can help you. Telephone Susan on 0114 287 3170 or send an email to

“Powerful presentations – in half the time.”

Making a business presentation is easy.

Now, don’t yell at me. Notice, I didn’t say making a good or a killer presentation. If your ambitions are to give memorable performances, then you’re in the right place.

In a while, I’ll share with you how our system – The Temple of Business Presentations can transform you. But, before that let’s look at what stops you being a memorable presenter.


So Many Answers But No Actual Proven System.

There’s a ton of stuff on Google on presenting. You know the thing – speak like a pro, how to do a killer presentation in five steps, how to use powerful body language to hypnotise your audience. And then there are the 5 myths of presenting – speak like a professional, use professional language, or “you must use PowerPoint every time.” Geez, no wonder you’re confused.

It’s all exciting information but why are you here now?

I believe you’re here today because you’re confused. There’s a wealth of stuff out there, but no one is giving you a systematic method. All you want to do is share your message, and you’re trying to remember 15 different ways to use your hands or stand.

A System

How do you want to feel during your next presentation?

Do you want to feel at ease and comfortable? Would you love to feel in control of your emotions and your message? That’s what we all want. Many years ago, I was a horrible presenter; I stammered, my left eye twitched, and I spoke too fast.

How did I change? Through the system, I’ll share with you soon. I say that because I understand how you feel because I felt the same until I found a method.

I want to help you cut complexity from your presentations; there is a way to make presenting simpler and enjoyable. Imagine if you could prepare your next presentation 50% faster?! And in less time your message is sharper, stronger and better.

Use Our Proven System For Business Presentations

Simple, easy to pick up and with room to grow, sounds good doesn’t it!

It’s not about perfection, just connection

Connecting with an audience means you must know your message.

Richard Branson is not a perfect speaker. He says erm and um a lot, and he sounds nervous, but he always has a clear message. He is NOT a dynamic speaker, and yet he connects with his audience.

The real art of presenting is about giving a message. And it’s making your message as clear as a bell for your audience. The clarity of your message is necessary because a presentation is more than giving information. Your purpose is to influence people, so they say yes to your ideas, yes to signing a contract and yes to new working conditions.

So, how do you connect with an audience?

In our unique system – The Temple of Business Presentations, you discover three things.

How to inspire people to listen

The 5 Cardinal Sins to avoid

How to impact people with your message

How to be Masterful, Magnetic and Moody in the same presentation

How to speak to influence an audience

How to Craft Compelling Content

I'm Ready To Connect

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Business presentations are easier when you have a clear message. That is the single belief and purpose of our blog. I want to strip away confusion and replace it with clarity. I want to help you feel at ease and relaxed in front of an audience. Most of all, I want you...