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Crisis Communication Training


Crises are fast moving and dramatic.

And when people’s lives are at risk, they’re emotional and stressful.

Crisis-induced pressure requires leaders to be visible and on message.

Which is why leaders leave our courses with a radically different mindset.

They experience a shift in thinking.  Effective crisis communication brings three benefits.

It is a vital tool for protecting your business.

It boosts stakeholder relationships.

And it’s a smart way to exploit a ravenous media hungry for information.


Areas where you can effectivley Communicate in a Crisis


At your Crisis Communication strategy from a new point of view


The proven steps to efficiently resolve any Crisis your business is facing

Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity?

Warren Buffet says “reputation is your most important asset”.

It’s critical in a crisis that leaders can convey they are taking control of an event. The secret is to apply crisis fundamentals in all their communication.

These secrets enhance leaders’ confidence, nurture and maintain relationships with investors and shareholders, and they protect your bottom line.

United Airlines

In April 2017, videos of a doctor being thrown off a plane went viral, yet United Airlines did not respond for 18 hours.

Grenfell Tragedy

In 2017, the UK Prime Minister gave a robotic, aloof and cold response to the Grenfell Fire tragedy.


In February 2018, KFC took seven days before issuing a valid statement about “Missing chicken.”

Communicate FAST - Speak with compassion

Build trust – be factual – never speculate and be concise.

Size Doesn’t Matter

What matters is having a compelling message and sharing it fast.


Crisis communication is about speaking to your STAKEHOLDERS. That means the families involved, your investors, your customers and of course the regulators


Imagine watching your leader sounding angry and looking frustrated on regional TV because they said the wrong message. Experiencing that type of pain is unnecessary.


We are going to help you get your communication to your external audience’s right. That is because they hold your REPUTATION in their hands.


Remember, your reputation is the #1 intangible asset in your business. It is not visible on your balance sheet. But when your reputation faces pressure, it will affect your bottom line. How? Customers may cancel orders or investors may seek redress of funds.

Don't struggle alone

Expert guidance turns smart industry leaders into reliable crisis communicators.


Empower business leaders with media-friendly habits. Leaders grow in four ways.

They realise clarity of message is the top priority

Even under crisis induced pressure, they'll feel more secure and capable

They’ll combine strategic communication with crucial business objectives


They’ll know how to plan and prepare accurate messages FAST

Time to be Crisis Ready?

The Solution

Using a fictional scenario, executives will face a series of crisis media exercises. Delegates gain strategies for making fast, accurate comments. These responses are step one to influencing how the media tells your story.

Today, fast, factual communication is vital. News cycles are dead. People want information NOW. Leaders learn simple secrets to cope with crisis-induced pressure.

Take action today

Protect your bottom line, your staff and corporate reputation.

Here’s How We’ll Solve It

How to use the media to influence stakeholder perception

How to turn negative headlines into a positive story

How your company becomes the "trusted source of information."

How to craft statements dripping with human compassion

The proven 5 step formula for effortless crisis media interviews

Plus the 5 MUST have elements in every crisis statement

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Added Value

There’s a reason why big companies like Veolia, Synthomer, Redrow Homes, Lubrizol and Riverside Homes turn to Media Training People for help.

Your GAIN more than crisis communications strategy


Effective Communications


Team Building

Transferable Speaking Skills

Message Development

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