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As a result of our proven, accelerated media coaching, leaders learn to:

Communicate simpler, sharper and more powerful strategic messages

Stay on message and speak with greater clarity and authority

Use the media as an opportunity to influence the thinking of their stakeholders

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Media Communication

Get the ongoing training to help leaders tell your story with the correct messages that reap positive news coverage.

After 20 years coaching business leaders we believe:

“Turning executives into self-assured media communicators requires ongoing training, precise step-by-step instruction, and powerful short bursts of challenging training to transform leaders’ communication skills.”

First here’s a warning

Featuring a real world example of the mistakes commonly made!

“Listen, I think you need media training,” said Malcolm the mild-mannered Head of Communication of an FTSE 100 company.

“Don’t worry, Malcolm; I’ll be fine. I’ve done all my homework,” said Jeremy the Vice President in a stern clipped voice.

Malcolm put the phone down. He turned to a colleague and in a hushed tone said: “I think I’m going to regret this.”

The cost of not doing media training to prepare their people was £50, 000. They endured a tsunami of negative media for three weeks. The battle to win back their credibility and regain the trust of local people hit their bottom line hard. As a result, this FTSE 250 business learned an expensive lesson:

‘Never play Russian roulette with your reputation.’

High-value media training will protect your bottom line

Secure your corporate image by enhancing leaders’ communication skills

World Class

Media Training!

What If I Don't Need It?

There’s a good chance your leaders think they DON’T need media training. They’re bright, smart business experts who can get results. However, nothing prepares a leader for the media except learning HOW to do it! And because they’ve seen hundreds of interviews on TV or they listen to radio news shows, they think doing an interview is easy.

Simple But Never Easy

That’s why we work in partnership with you to instruct and inspire leaders to handle journalists. Whether it is a fresh-faced journalist nervous after finishing college, a famous face or the veteran hack, there is a way to control every type of journalist.

We’re going to teach you the proven steps to share your specialist business knowledge, so it is valuable for the journalist and your audience.

Added Value Training

High-value media training helps leaders position your business as the Go To Authority in your sector.

Leaders Have Worries Too!

I begin every media training course by asking one question:

“What is your number one concern or fear about talking to journalists?”

In the last 12 months, I asked that question to 447 delegates. They have 16 different reasons for feeling anxious about speaking to a journalist.

Afraid of heaping embarrassment on their business

Anxious that they’ll forget their message

Anxiety about saying the wrong thing

These and the 13 other answers are why leaders need media training.

Our mission is simple – deliver Grade A training to turn business leaders into resilient, confident spokespeople.

Our philosophy to achieve results is also simple – “get results the first time and every time.”

When executives leave our training they are crystal clear on three critical points:

How to control reporters and their questions using a time-proven method

Why they must follow five specific steps to plan, manage and deliver their message

The secrets to staying calm, in control and comfortable under pressure.


Choose Ongoing Skills Growth

If your competitors are boosting their skills, do you want to be left behind?

Conquering the Media

Media training is a journey of discovery. Executives are nervous and uncertain at the start. As they embrace the basics, they become calm and in control.  Now leaders are ready to soar, as a powerful shift in mindset gives them the confidence to control reporters and stay on message.

Step 1

Your journey might begin here 1 – you’re worried, anxious and afraid you’ll say the wrong thing.

Step 10

Your destination is here 10 – this is the pinnacle. At this point, you’ll feel in control of your emotions and feel sure you can manage a journalist and their questions. That’s the journey you’re beginning today

Our goal is for you to move along the scale from 1 to 10. To achieve that growth you need to know the 3 Cardinal Sins of media interviews. We show you those 3 massive mistakes and how to avoid them.

Practical Coaching – Actionable Strategies

Step-by-step learning accelerates skills growth and nurtures a wealth of added value benefits.

Boosts general communication skills

Builds leaders' personal and business profile

Enhances stakeholder communications

Integrates business strategy with corporate communications

Gain skills to boost thought leadership and build trust with customers

Media Training - the pathway to credibility and respect in your sector

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