I believe media training is as necessary as DNA in your body – and you should too!

Sounds bizarre, right?

Stay with me here.

Here’s a huge question:

What is media training?

Sceptics or closed minded people think media training is teaching business leaders how to lie in public. Others have this crazy notion it is showing people how to be deceptive and deceitful.

Frankly, both schools of thought are woefully out of date and show a complete disregard for the vital role media coaching plays helping companies protect their business.

[I am not talking about the shameless leaders who shout FAKE NEWS at anyone holding a microphone. I mean experts who speak with honesty and integrity.]

21st Century Communication

How business leaders speak in the media has changed. And leaders need to adapt to our new world. That is because talking in the press is now about nurturing and building TRUST in the marketplace.

Gone are the days when a leader can utter smart words or an apt phrase and get away with it. Not today. People expect more from their leaders. They hope leaders to be transparent, to stand in their value and communicate their story with integrity and compassion.

These are the reasons why Pret a Manger and Thomas Cook suffered immense social media harm this year. Today, speak to an audience without showing a shred of humanity and get ready for the backlash.

Remember how the media blasted Theresa May after her cool communication following the Grenfell Fire?

People Crave TRUST

Read the Edelman Surveys; they show the TRUST of corporate leaders is at an all-time low. The smart business leaders of today must master speaking with an authentic voice and be willing to prove they are vulnerable and genuine.

And if you think that is not what corporate leaders do, Sir Richard Branson has been doing this for the last twenty years!

You have a choice – stay old school and allow social media forums to eat you alive. Or join a movement of smart leaders willing to win by playing in today’s world.

People crave authentic heart-wringing communication. They desire openness, integrity and authenticity over bombastic BS.


Let’s apply a universal test. If a friend became bombastic, and he turned into a serial liar what would happen to your friendship?

You know the answer.

Let’s apply the same test to speaking in the media. And remember we all have universal needs; we want to feel loved, secure and gain self-fulfilment.

Trust is the glue in all our relationships. And the same is true in business

Top draw media training shows business leaders how to speak in an open, transparent and authentic manner. Those qualities cement relationships with your stakeholders

Media Training – Go Beyond Semantics

Superior media training is more than teaching leaders to say smart phrases and words. Today it’s about having the courage to be genuine, to revel in your corporate values and display character and unshakeable principles


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