Hilary Berg

Why I choose Alford Grant’s TMTP

I only trust one media consultant to coach my clients – Alford Grant and his team.

I first met Alford 20 years ago in my role as PR Manager at Iceland. Since then, he has become a friend and a trusted media advisor because of his unquenchable desire to do training that gets results.

I send my top clients to Alford for three reasons.

1. Time after time Alford’s coaching transforms executives into media speakers capable of handling tough questions with robust answers. After their training, they know the precise steps to stay on message and how to craft their critical points. The speed of their transformation astonishes me, but it happens in every course.

2. Secondly, clients always thank me profusely for finding and inviting Alford and his team to conduct a coaching session. Without hesitation, clients always say the coaching opened their eyes; and, they say the coaching transforms their thinking in why they need support to use the media effectively.

Knowing I have an expert to turn to at any time has significantly boosted my value to my clients. The result is my clients get access to real-world insights and knowledge from top-class journalists. And, I save time because I can sit back and let Alford and his team educate and coach my clients so they can master their media opportunities.

3. Lastly, over twenty years, Alford and his team have excelled at being flexible, adaptable and personable. Every coaching session is customised to suit my specific client. And, from the first contact to coaching and beyond their customer service is first class.

I always go back to Alford for one reason – my clients say their coaching experience is unforgettable!

I wholeheartedly recommend Alford and his team to any PR or communications professional looking to arrange media coaching for top executives.

Hilary Berg