“The company director who uses other publicity material with

The skill of the born salesperson will retreat in terror from heaven sent

Opportunity…on TV or the radio.”

[Effective Media Relations]

The headline above might amaze or shock you.

Surprising though it appears it is the TRUTH!

After 20 years coaching business leaders the TRUTH is simple; your real enemy is your reflection in the mirror.

Don’t be alarmed because I am going to show you why this is not your fault.

When it comes to effective use of the media your real enemy is knowledge.


Knee-jerk response

If your phone rang tomorrow and it is a journalist you will think one of three things:

1 They want to tell a negative story about your business

2 They will trip you up and sensationalise the story

3 They’ll ask sneaky questions or be rude and unfair

All those thoughts will lead you up the cul de sac called struggle and its companion named failure. Thinking those thoughts is a HUGE mistake. That is because they result in a negative mindset which means your comments will be defensive.

Sprinkle in knowledge

Knowledge is the missing link. Add in a drop of awareness and season it with the right habits, and you can become resilient on-message media spokesperson. That is all part of your journey.

Unscrupulous hacks in Hollywood movies like Superman are a million miles away from reality.

Fiction is good fun; however, the truth is necessary, and it will stun you.

When the media calls they want three things from you.

1 Your story – they need your specific point of view. Without your input their stories are unbalanced.

2 Your expertise – your experience and specialist appreciation bring a new perspective to a story. Only you can deliver that information.

3 Be interesting – journalists are aching for you to make your story compelling. They need you to perform, so their readers or viewers get an illuminating article.

Be honest now, have you ever read a boring article and said: “Geez that was exhilarating?” Can you tell NEVER?

Of course, the reporter will ask you questions. Some you’ll detest. But that is all part of the GAME. The secret is learning how to play the game. [How to master the game is revealed during comprehensive coaching.]

The media needs you

Speaking in the media is a heaven-sent opportunity. Armed with the right knowledge you can promote the excellence of your company, reassure your stakeholders, and enhance the image of your brand in just three minutes!

If you want to know more about mastering the media go here – www.themediatrainingpeople.co.uk


People set themselves up to be victims in the media. They cannot thrive with the wrong mindset. As Anthony Robbins says “You get what you focus on.”