Does your CEO or senior team feel confident speaking on stage, on video, or to the media?

Years ago, I discovered some CEOs feel uncomfortable and uneasy when they communicate.

And yet, with a few tweaks and refinements any CEO can breakthrough and become a B.E.S.T communicator. [Bold. Easy. Simple and Transformed]

We provide the unique blueprints [The Distinctive Coaching Blueprint], plus two decades of coaching some of the UK’s finest companies. Add in a dash of educational coaching to smooth rough edges and top tips that bring fast results.

Blend them together and CEOs leave feeling more confident and capable of telling simpler, stronger and better corporate stories.

What’s the secret? Classic, evergreen communication principles wrapped up in good old fashioned common sense coaching. Put another way, the TRUTH.

Any CEO can learn the core skills in one day. However, mastery takes longer! And that’s why we reinforce our coaching through monthly videos and written articles.

Alford Grant BA Hons/PG Dip
Chief Coach and former BBC Journalist


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