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Our stand up speak up and stand out programme

There’s a simple phrase that can stunt any leaders communication growth.

The phrase seems innocuous and yet it is offensive. Uttering the phrase is like stabbing yourself in the back. I spoke the offending sentence for years. 

Until a mentor taught me the truth. 

Here are the nauseating words. “I’ll be okay at the conference. A real audience will force me to perform.” 

Now, say after me “Don’t kid yourself.” 

A delegate said those words during our programme Stand up, Speak up and Stand out. It shows Senior Managers, MDs and CEOs how to speak with impact and influence.

The delegate who spoke those words was blissfully unaware of how self-limiting those words are.

As a young broadcaster, I used to say the same thing. Until a tough-minded mentor, Anne Hunter taught me a new philosophy. It’s a way of thinking that I swear by today.

Anne would say “Alford, there is no difference between practice and doing the real thing.” The only difference is how we think. 


Today, my online mentor, Lisa Nichols says “The way you do one thing is how you do everything.” 

The Trevor McDonald legend. When Trevor McDonald read News at Ten, he had a reputation in broadcasting. Before every edition of the programme, he would walk the corridors of ITV reading his script out aloud.

When he went live he was polished and word perfect.

Mediocrity and Excellence are a choice!

You have a choice. Stumble and be average. Or soar and stand out. I know which one you want.

So model successful people. Why do TV presenters rehearse before the red light comes on? 

Why does Lewis Hamilton race around a track for 3 days before every Grand Prix? There is only one real choice. Adopt the philosophy that practising and coaching prepare you for the real thing. It quietens your mind. 

You’ll feel emotionally secure and your performance will grow in leaps and bounds. 

To discover how our Stand up, Speak up and Stand out can help your executives call Susan on 0114 287 3170 or send an email to

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0114 287 3170

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