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There’s a dastardly lie told about communicators

Has your boss ever said to you “You talk too quickly? In fact, you speak so fast you lack gravitas and authority?”

Well, I’ve got news for you. Even though your boss had your best interests at heart, he was wrong!

Some so-called experts parrot these words. “To speak with gravitas and authority, you must speak slower.”

Even the brilliant Hollywood actor, Michael Caine is famous for saying: “…powerful people speak slowly, subservient people quickly.”

It’s a myth. 

There’s irrefutable scientific evidence disproving the notion.

Here’s one example.

Psychologist Norman Miller at the University of Southern California ran a sequence of scientific tests. Actors were given scripts to read at slow and faster speeds. People listened to the recordings and gave their judgement.

The surprise came in the research results.

Slower speakers were labelled “cold, less truthful and less persuasive.”

While faster speakers were “judged to be persuasive, more intelligent and as having greater knowledge.”

The lesson here is to ignore old wives tales. Get the truth from people who KNOW the TRUTH!

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